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Lorenz, Founder & CEO

„People look for simple, beautiful and sustainable things. We try to meet those needs with our postcards.

Favourite card: All you need is less

Jana holding up her favorite pick with the caption - oh happy day

Jana, Head of Accounting

A multitasking-genius and a master of every chaos.

Favourite card: Oh, happy day! reminds her of her own road trips that she took with the VW-bus of her brother.

Adi, Graphic Design

Coming from Tel Aviv, she always knew that she wanted to do something with art.

Favourite postcard: Swallows in the sky

Amy, Artist Management & Photography

A true artist at heart, a film connaisseur and a ray of sunshine at the office.

Favourite card: Surreal surprise, because it combines the unexpected with great colours.

Anne, Order Management

Loves to go camping, do manual work, like building furniture and dreams of opening a dog kennel in the future.

Favourite card: Be yourself, since it’s all the crazy colors she feels that express her nature.

Caro, Account Management

© Made in Berlin, she’s got a cheer- and helpful nature and can often be found exploring the countryside in her caravan.

Favourite card: A lake and you – despite her credo „movement before mindfulness“.

Christiane showing her favorite pick

Christiane, Product Management

Studied graphic and communication design, traveled to Korea and is a fan of Susan Sontag.

Favourite card: All together now, which fits all the team spirit she brings to the office.

Christin, Graphic Design

Skillful artist, who studies Media Design & IT and lives for those long summer days.

Favourite card: I love sundays – because she does love sundays.

David, Sales Management

Theater-enthusiast who loves cooking and always has a smile on his face.

Favourite postcard: Ahoi Möwe, as a confession to his Hamburg, hi place of birth.

Eszter holding up her favorite pick

Eszter, Photographers Contact

She goes to Tanzfabrik in her free time and does volunteering for nonviolence.

Favourite postcard: Tempel Spielplatz, because it gives you the feeling of freedom and space.

Ulrike, HR

A native Berliner, who loves travelling, exploring and getting to know new people and their stories.

Favourite card: Be happy – which is also her take on life.

Jessica, Accounting

Always there when something is on fire! – Not only in the volunteer fire department, but also at the Pickmotion office. Jessica absolutely has the skills a rescuer needs.

Favourite card: Save the date, “Wish for something, enjoy the freedom to live a little easier and see where life is leading you”.

Jenny, Graphic Design

Creative mind that loves to spend time in nature as well as vegetarian lasagna, tea and a good book.

Favourite card: Einfach abschalten, because a retreat to nature is her source of power.

Jule, Marketing Management

A curious and inspirable family person who knows lyrics fitting to every situation.

Favourite card: No. 1,  because this was her very first Pickmotion Postcard.

Kathrin, Order Management

Kind soul, who collects travel memoirs on her fridge.

Lieblingskarte: I need summer, due to her love for giraffes.

Maria, Graphic Design

Creative soul from Portugal who loves designing and hand-printing textiles.

Favourite card: Unreal estate, because she likes the idea of having a home that you can take wherever you go.

Marta holding up her favorite pick

Marta, Logistics

A multilinguist from Slovakia who enjoys reading just as much as she likes cars.

Favourite card: You can do it, reflecting that inner strength which drives everything.

Monika holding up her favorit card

Monika, Graphic Design

A traveller who tries to find time for drawing, painting, photography, cooking and definitely dancing.

Favourite card: You colour my world, of course.

Nicole holding up her favorite pick with the caption worry less live more

Nicole, Order Management

Volleyball, jogging, bicycling, she does it all; this year going for the triathlon.

Favourite card: Worry less live more, for the feeling of lightheartedness and serenity- of „coming home.“

Saskia, Order Management

She used to practice martial arts, now she is enjoying silence and fishing at the lakeside.

Favourite card: Mr. and Mrs. Anchor, which suits her not just because of her family name Anker (anchor).

Sabrina, Sales 

Always in a good mood, friendly and always carrying a congenial smile. As a down-to-earth person, she likes calmness and has a weakness for outdoor activities such as running.

Favourite card: Coffee makes me happy, because she likes cats and of course she also likes a good cup of coffee for a boost of energy.

Marlies, Accounting

It is the little things in life that brighten up her day: sunshine and family trips together with her dogs. She is also a big fan of America.

Favourite card: I love Sundays, because of her addiction to dogs.

Anna, Sales

The native Upper-Austrian enjoys her new life in the „city of unlimited possibilities“.  As much as she loves jogging, she has a big passion for photographing.

Favourite card: Let’s go, because one day, she wants to travel around the world with an own camper-van.

Jenni, Order Management

Besides outdoor activities such as bouldering, snowboarding or inlineskating, she likes playing guitar and concert visits.

Favourite card: Today is your day, which reminds her of her beloved white-bellied hedgehog who sadly died one year ago.

Kamila, Logistics

Sports and traveling are two big passions of Kamila, and they become even better if they can be combined.

Favourite card: Smile, it’s your birthday, because it reminds her of her dogs she had to leave with her family in Poland.

Thomas, Controlling

Calm and resilient excel pro that seeks happines in the small things and loves to spend time with his little daughter.

Favourite card: Already missing you – because simple can be beautiful.

Mira, Graphic Design

More than 3 years ago, the native Kasselerin moved to Berlin to begin an apprenticeship as a media designer. It’s her now who gives our illustrated mini postcards that certain something.

Favourite card: Wanderlust, because of her travel addiction.

Patrice, Social Media and Community

Loves late night cooking and is a huge fan of analogue photography.

Favourite card: Cheese! – an old camera of course.