„touching the sky“


In unserer Serie „The story behind“ wird die Geschichte hinter den Pickmotion-Motiven erzählt: In welcher Situation ist die Aufnahme entstanden und wer hat sich was dabei gedacht? Diesmal spricht Tessa über „touching the sky“.

  • What makes this spot special? A famous landmark of Berlin that can be seen from the roofs of houses all over town, from planes when flying over the city. It is a tower that’s sight gives me a comforting feeling and lets me know, when arriving from wherever I am coming from, that “I am home, in Berlin”.
  • How did you make this shot? This picture was taken while I was guiding some very good friends on their first visit to Berlin to the sights of the city – by foot. Starting at the Alexanderplatz, walking all the way up Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg gate, the Bundestag, the jewish memorial, the Potsdamer Platz to then finally introduce them to the heart of the ‘real’ Berlin – the different Kieze.
  • What comes to your mind, seeing this picture? This picture just really reminds me of Berlin 🙂

Motiv bei DaWanda kaufen

Tessa Profilbild