Our series „The story behind“ tells the story behind the Pickmotion themes: In which situation was the photo taken and who was the photographer? Here speaks @_riaparamita_ about „oh perlentanne“.

What is special about the image?

When the holiday season comes, it feels like joy and happiness is everywhere. People are rushing to go home and meet their loved ones. And I do too want to spread the sweet magic of Christmas to everyone.

In which situation it was taken?

I love the smell of fresh pine tree. When my daughter and I played in the park, we worked together to collected twigs and pine cones. At first I was planning to hang it and enjoy the fragrance. But then my daughter gave me an idea to create a tiny Christmas tree from it. So we started to arrange the twigs together and sprinkle it with faux pearls from my craft box.

What do you think looking at it again?

It reminds me about the good time that we had spent to create this image together.