Our series „The story behind“ tells the story behind the Pickmotion themes: In which situation was the photo taken and who was the photographer? Here speaks @tiaza about „frohes fest“.

„Any holidays are always a joyous occasion. But Christmas is my favorite one cause I love the extraordinary magic atmosphere, the chaos of the holiday, bright lights and the decorations. It’s a beautiful time when each house is filled with the scent of fresh fir, delicious pastries and mandarins. It’s festive season of wrapping and unwrapping, time to be grateful, time for hopes and expactations of miracle, time for family and friends. Gifts can be forgotten, ornaments broken, and gingerbread cookies all eaten, but the memories made with most precious to you will always last. That’s how I feel Christmas, that’s what I tried to convey through my photo – the true spirit of this wonderful holiday.“