You started very minimalistic deep down in your stream and changed to one of the most colourful and optimistic galleries on Instagram. Could you describe a little bit how you developed that kind of style we know today as @jesuso_ortiz?

It’s true. My first photos were very austere. I din’t play with colours like now. The truth is that my style has changed over time, but I wouldn’t know how to explain the process. It has been appearing. I imagine my photos are a mirror of my personal life because I’m living a more optimistic moment than a few years ago. In this chaotic society a change of beliefs is necessary and my pics are my two cents.

Fuera de lo real la mentira es verdad. ??☁️ Cloud handmade by @paco_marin ☁️☁️☁️

Ein von Jesuso (@jesuso_ortiz) gepostetes Foto am

How can I imagine a shot with you – what’s the setting, where do you work?

I don’t always work in the same place. I don’t have a studio or big tools, that’s why I usually work at home. Sometimes I go to the terrace of the building where I live because there the light is better. At the moment I work with household objects or items found in nature, but I hope having more tools soon to offer a work with higher quality.

No hay sombra cuando la noche danza, cuando la piel se hace oscuridad.?

Ein von Jesuso (@jesuso_ortiz) gepostetes Foto am

How do you get the ideas and ingredients for your photos?

The ideas just appear. I mean, there are days I don’t feel inspired, and it’s better not to think about it and just wait for the inspiration to come. Other days, I’m walking down the street and I see an object and the inspiration appears. The imagination is very important too, I have been very imaginative since I was a child, I liked making up stories and I coul play alone without getting bored.

Whose hand is it on the photos?

In most of the photos you can see my own hand. I know it can be strange, but I managed to pose with one hand and take the photo with the other one. Lately, I ask for help from some friends when I want to make photos like these, it’s much more confortable hehe.

The Shining! La invasión felina ha comenzado ??

Ein von Jesuso (@jesuso_ortiz) gepostetes Foto am

My tom cat is asking: Who is the white cat lady on the photos?

I’m sorry to say that the cat of my photos is a boy :S, his name is Momo and he is my housemate for 5 years. I have said I don’t have so much tools, so he helps me in my photos too.

Soy el espacio donde estoy: El tiempo es vacío. „Cesarea de Filipo“ ??

Ein von Jesuso (@jesuso_ortiz) gepostetes Foto am

Once you told me you would like to make people smile and see the world with a child’s eyes. What’s your motivation behind that – is it to do something with your own life circumstances?

Yes, it’s to do with my own life circumstances. The way I see the world has changed a few years ago. I always was a melancholic person. Romanticism is fine, but you can get lost in it and become to see everything dark… I’m learning to live in the present. To pay attention to my heart and not my head. I think my photos reflect that change.

No soy uno, sino una multitud, pero cada uno de mis yo te ama. ???

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You cooperate with a 2nd person for the texts – who is Alejandro – and for those not capable of speaking Spanish – what is he writing about?

Alejandro is a multifaceted artist from Chile, but he lives in Paris. I borrow Alejandro Jodorowsky’s texts. I didn’t ask him because I don’t know him (I would like) but I’m sure he will not mind. All sentences speak of creating awareness. Of how far we are from each other, love, our connection with the universe…. they are brave, sincere and hopeful words. Alejandro is my role model.

You are very big on Instagram – can you describe the impact of the app on your style and your success?

Well, I didn’t expect this impact. Instagram suggested my profile and my followers greatly increased. The rest just came since the change of my style. I’m so happy to show my work to many people. I didn’t expect it, so I try to make the most. When my numbers of followers increased, I felt more responsability to not disappoint them. I really enjoy making the photos and I think that is transmitted to the ones seeing them.

No te lamentes en público: siempre hay una avispa que pica al rostro que llora.??

Ein von Jesuso (@jesuso_ortiz) gepostetes Foto am

When I scroll through your stream again I am undecided whether it is a kid’s birthday party or a really good psychedelic trip – what about you?

You are right! I feel the same. I think is a mix. they have a naive side, but at the same time they show a surreal universe, much deeper, close to Lewis Caroll’s Alice. The important thing is the photos make you react and that everyone draw their own conclusions.

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