Where do you live?
I live in the north of México, in a city called Monterrey.

Everything you do looks like much of fun! Would you describe yourself as a funny person?
Haha, thanks, well…sometimes I think I am funny and sometimes I think I suck.

Since when do you take photos and how did it shape your view on the world?
It’s been a while since I started to take photographs, I went to art school and I did so much photos back then and kind of loved it and can’t stop ever since, about 8 years ago. For me is very important to have my own vision of things and I like to share it with others, and find beauty everyday makes me happy.

How can I imagine you using Instagram in your daily routine?
Well almost all the time I am thinking “Which of the 30 photos -of the exact same thing- that I took this morning should be posted? Or when I less expected something appears in front of me and I have to capture it, a few times have to pull over and run to take a shot. I really don’t have an explanation for that, I just love the playfulness of pastel tones.

How did you develop and how do you define #anasmodernlife?
#anasmodernlife is a very particular thing, I am a big fan of the Nickelodeon’s tv show called Rocko’s Modern Life, back in high school days my MSN nickname was “Ana’s Modern Life” and still have an inspiration Tumblr called like that, is something kind of personal, and I think when I use that hashtag is because I feel related or it is something that really shows my personality.

I wonder what is your job, Ana? Are you some kind of stage designer?
Yes, I am a Set designer and Art director and it’s pretty fun, I feel lucky that I really like what I do for living 🙂

But your special interest seem to be animated gifs in candy colors… What else do you do to treat your playfulness 🙂 ?
Yes, I do love making gifs, since I learned how to I can’t stop, -somebody stop me!!!- And what I do to treat my playfulness maybe it is that I am literally listening music all day every day, I think that helps to keep me in a good mood. Also I love to bump into dark humored things and childish stuff, by the way I like to dress myself as a child sometimes.

Who are your 3 favourite igers?
@_nguan_ @clarenicolson @danianelisse