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Tag - #urban

Urban Splendors & Experimental Film Photography

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Cities have a very special atmosphere, a particular charm and their own culture – the urban has fascinated me for a long time and therefore city trips are always at the top of my to-do list. Of course,…

#urbansplendors in between cool and warm tones

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

Autumn is sneaking into the cities and this month we asked you all to support us on the mission to celebrate urban moments and details in its glorious light. Why rush from building to building when autumn offers…

An unusual walk through Moscow

#awalkthrough, Magazine

This time I take you for #awalkthrough Moscow in another way than usual. “Unusual” because I don’t take you on a tour for the typical sightseeings – no – I show you my personal Moscow in the way…