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Tag - travel photography

A suitcase full of sunshine

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

Sitting in our office whilst outside it is pouring down on our window, we like to wish ourselves to sunnier realms. Like the birds that move south in the winter, we too want to follow the sun. But…

#BestofInstagram Urban treasures – hidden Beauty


Big City life means endless opportunities. Their growth is never ending and a metropolis is endless variety, diversity, perspectives. Cities are human works but seem to live on their own. Most People call them exciting, less call them…

Counterpol to overthinking


She is a specialist for roll film cameras, is a francophile, and loves the change of perspective when she communicates through her Instagram alter ego- @anni.berlin was a total surprise- we didn’t know how she would look (nice…

@themissinglinka – worldwide, journalistic, poetic OR
A globetrotter at home in Berlin


She is an absolute mistress of light and her images unfold most beautifully when they reference all kinds of cityscapes, cultural and untouched landscapes. Assuming that the boundaries between art and photo journalism are fluid, her works in…

@thekuber – “Mumbai is a city which was built upon dreams”
Exclusive interview with a most stunning Iger


Since when are you on Instagram? I don’t remember the exact date but my guess would be two and a half years. Though I have been extremely active since 2014. Have you been taking photos before Instagram? Yes,…

A walk through Cape Town mit @_hannesthun
Life is better at the beach


#athomeintheworld is our current motto in March, because our photographers are constantly on the road and everywhere is home to them. Such as @_hannesthun whose stream looks anything but like winter in Germany: Since January Hannes has been…

“Just a boy with a camera”
Interview @jannikobenhoff


A scroll through @jannikobenhoff’s feed is like a holiday for your soul. Snow covered peaks, blue lakes surrounded by mountain chains, lonely huts in the lonesome countryside. It’s somewhat hard to believe that the face behind this world-renowned…

Nature porn
Top 5 Best Landscape Photographers on Instagram


Warning! May cause extreme wanderlust. This month’s theme on our Instagram is #wildwildfeb and so far it’s been pretty damn wild. Check out our top 5 favorite landscape photographers on Instagram, they are the best at capturing the…