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Winterdreams – our Top10 #januaryvisuals

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

The first month of the new year has passed now and we asked you for your most beautiful January pictures. Quite to our delight you have shared a lot of wonderful, wintry photos with us – and especially…

A November Tale – cosy and delightful adventures


November isn’t known for its glory. In fact, it might be the least popular month of them all. And yet, there is so much beauty to be found in this time of the year – your many submissions…

colourful greetings and pastel dreams

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

In beginning of October, we asked you to brighten our life with your #colourgreetings and this month truly has been very colourful – thanks to your many submissions! We received lovely pastel moods, pictures of your beloved furry…

#urbansplendors in between cool and warm tones

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

Autumn is sneaking into the cities and this month we asked you all to support us on the mission to celebrate urban moments and details in its glorious light. Why rush from building to building when autumn offers…