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Tag - #summer

Days like these – our Top10 #dearsummerdays

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

Heat, heat, heat! Who does not want a little bit of cooling on these summer days? The flood of images for our monthly challenge #dearsummerdays was as refreshing and beautiful as the view on the cover photo by…

Icecream makes you happy
A summer in Berlin with @_hannesthun


@_hannnesthun proves with this new #storybehind, that you don’t need a lot for your summer cheer 🙂 What’s special about this place? On our sixth anniversary me and my girlfriend discovered this wonderful new ice cream shop around…

What about your summer?


All this sun makes us look for cheap flight tickets and get away, away. Perhaps all you need is get some comfortable shoes on, a map, a pile of energy bars and you are ready to explore Peruvian…

Summer in Berlin


Berlin has so much to offer that if you begin making a list, you would really not have enough time to do things on the list! Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should watch this summer:…

#thestorybehind “summer is here to stay”

#thestorybehind, Magazine

Today frollein_von_der_waterkant describes her perfect summer day: 30 degrees and the sun was out, finally the summer was arrived in Hamburg. So why sitting in the apartment sweating when you have the biggest outdoor pool of north Germany…

The story behind “wind chime times”
Idalino’s castle


@mctoro told us something about this summer photograph: Idalino, a Portuguese fisherman who lives in a hut on the beach makes these windmills as its pastime. His father used to make them before him. So it has become…

The story behind “SP-0125”
The epic jump


You have to take a closer look if you want to find out in which one of the pools the diver is jumping. That’s because of the different levels of the picture. And spot on @zoooi.de took this…