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Tag - #storybehind

The story behind “Happy b-day dad”
international cat day


Today is the international cat day so we thought we show you one of our new cat postcards! This one is from @poonchic an Instagram famous cat: “It was in middle of January and we were enjoying a…

The story behind “my vintage rose”
the beauty of simplicity


Today fraenze_berlin tells us something about this beautiful postcard: I could look at this picture for hours – the rose in a glass. I don’t know why but I guess it’s the simplicity that is not too tiring…

The story behind “Marriage”


@fraenze_berlin tells us how this enchanting photo was taken: “Late summer in Berlin. When you already took the winter clothes from your cellar, but suddenly the summer is back it’s the best weather for a nice walk. I…

The story behind “It’s a girl”
Pink balloons


A garden party with pink balloons moving in the wind. A perfect scene for our postcard. @maralazaridou tells us how she made this photo: This image was taken at a party held at a garden, these balloons were…

The story behind “feel better”
Oh hey Mr Bump


How a small blessing turned into a nice motive tells us @shiromano, the girl who captures everyday situations within her photos: “I like taking pictures of my hands in different situations, mostly holding fruit and vegetables. It was…

The story behind “I miss you”
Call me maybe?


‘Cause @aladiia has always her dog Sheila at her side this picture occured by chance. Thanks Sheila for the posing, we love it! Details tells us @aladiaa: I drew this telephone receiver and attached a cabel. I was…