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Tag - interview

A flower’s personality

#pckphototalk, Magazine

Time for another #phototalk and a chance for us to get to know one of our photographers better! This time we had the honor to have a little chat with lovely Helga from @jt_design! Not only is she…

@moritzotto: scatterbrain and part time minimalist


With his mobile photography exhibitions in the early 2000s he was avantgarde, he shot a dreamlike black-and-white album cover and his pet is called ‘Autobahn’. We met Moritz Otto for lunch in @umami_berlin, with Golden Chicks and Cola.…

A bit of minor and lots of orange
#pckphototalk with @mollorange.berlin


He loves the postwar architecture (preferably monumental), discovering the undiscovered (and then keep it a secret) and suffers (and gets over) vertigo – because in the end it’s the photo that counts. @mollorange.berlin rather belongs to the more…

Counterpol to overthinking


She is a specialist for roll film cameras, is a francophile, and loves the change of perspective when she communicates through her Instagram alter ego- @anni.berlin was a total surprise- we didn’t know how she would look (nice…