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Tag - fun

Party Accounts – Celebration is here

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

Carnival, Mardi Gras and other parties – this month is full of celebrations all over the world. Fancy costumes, cool parties and a lot of fun of course. In Berlin those celebrations are not that big but here…

The story behind “handful of balloons”
kids have more fun


@ponypork told us the story behind this fun birthday card: This one is just a simple composition. Instead of worrying about what’s wrong and what’s right, why not make it into a playground. Reminds me when I was…

Let your imagination run wild – An interview with @o_pinheirojose


José Pinheiro aka @o_pinheirojose didn’t become part of our Instagram community for no reason! His pictures are fun, thoughtful and imaginative. He impresses us with his ideas and mix of illustration and photography. We are very pleased that…

The story behind “feel better”
Oh hey Mr Bump


How a small blessing turned into a nice motive tells us @shiromano, the girl who captures everyday situations within her photos: “I like taking pictures of my hands in different situations, mostly holding fruit and vegetables. It was…