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Tag - fraenze_berlin

Down the memory lane: the symmetry in our cards


It looks like we always had a soft spot for this visual style, even before we asked our followers on Instagram to submit their photos with this theme. In the beginning it was all about the city. We…



Today’s #thestorybehind by @fraenze_berlin was taken in our beautiful capital. Franziska had a succinct comment on her picture: “Our beautiful Oberbaumbrücke. A classic for all Berlin people and the visitors as well. Even though it was captured so many…

The story behind “Magnolien”


Who is not loving the blossoms of the magnolia tree? @fraenze_berlin is spreading spring fever: I really enjoy the magnolia tree. Every year again and again because I know it since I can think. Then the day came…

The story behind “my vintage rose”
the beauty of simplicity


Today fraenze_berlin tells us something about this beautiful postcard: I could look at this picture for hours – the rose in a glass. I don’t know why but I guess it’s the simplicity that is not too tiring…

The story behind “Marriage”


@fraenze_berlin tells us how this enchanting photo was taken: “Late summer in Berlin. When you already took the winter clothes from your cellar, but suddenly the summer is back it’s the best weather for a nice walk. I…