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Tag - #city

Urban, artsy, cool – visit Milan!

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Fashion capital, hotspot for design and art and a place that combines the old and new like no other – come, walk with us through Milan! Compared to other Italian cities, Milan certainly has a less historically charming…

An unusual walk through Moscow

#awalkthrough, Magazine

This time I take you for #awalkthrough Moscow in another way than usual. “Unusual” because I don’t take you on a tour for the typical sightseeings – no – I show you my personal Moscow in the way…

#awalkthrough Rome – Views from different Perspectives

#awalkthrough, Magazine

In August we have been for a weekend trip in Rome, the capital of Italy and of course I had to document everything in the analogue way of shooting on film. Even if it was nearly as hot…

#august_inthecity – Summer, Sun and Urban Life


It is August and not only the sun is burning, the life in the city is seething too. So it seems just natural to dedicate our monthly challenge to the theme of #august_inthecity. Not that there is nothing…

#thestorybehind sea more


In her little interview, Lotte (@lbeerman) makes us desire to go on vacation incredibly much: In which situation did you take the picture ? This Picture is created in Nepal, Italy, during my vacation in the last year.…

The story behind “Let it fly”
Fly into the blue blue sky


The swing carousel does not only bring back a lot of memories but it also became the perfect motive for the Instagrammer @lindaberlin. The blue sky with the swinging chairs gets me always in a good mood! And you…

The story behind “Gängeviertel Style”
Hamburg meine Perle


For amazing shots you definitely have to discover a city. Just arrived @eskimo took this colorful photo in a quarter in Hamburg. That’s how you feel good! We asked him a few questions: What is so special about…