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Tag - Berlin


#pckwalk, Magazine

Last Thursday, we went for our second #pckwalk and this time it took place at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Prenzlauer Berg. It was a grey and rainy day for it being mid-May. Therefore, the fact that it was an…

Pictofactum – have a talk with the designer


Today we are glad to introduce you to another #awesomeshop from Berlin, who offered us a wonderful Giveaway for our Advent Calendar – a delicate necklace with a golden leaf decoration. People who walk past Gitte Nicolaus’ store…

@moritzotto: scatterbrain and part time minimalist


With his mobile photography exhibitions in the early 2000s he was avantgarde, he shot a dreamlike black-and-white album cover and his pet is called ‘Autobahn’. We met Moritz Otto for lunch in @umami_berlin, with Golden Chicks and Cola.…

#BestofInstagram Urban treasures – hidden Beauty


Big City life means endless opportunities. Their growth is never ending and a metropolis is endless variety, diversity, perspectives. Cities are human works but seem to live on their own. Most People call them exciting, less call them…

#storybehind the old and beautiful


konaction gives us some of the good old retro vibes, that we all love so much: What is special about this place?  The columns are a relic of a bygone era, as it is nowadays more rare in…

Berlin in November
a throwback


No one who lives here can deny the fact, that Berlin is not only charming in the summer! As a November child I particularly enjoyed this autumn. Pleasantly chilly days, though still the sun’s rays on your face…

#pckphototalk with Helin Bereket – The order and disorder of the things


Whoever is taking a first glance on her gallery must be fascinated about the rare subtleness and poetry inherited in her geometrical compositions. @helinbereket suggests to meet up in a café in Neukölln. A scent of coffee, brick…

#whoiswho @mobilephotography.de – Paying #communityfirst a homage


Who are these super engaged people, who founded mobilephotography.de and did a lot of great community work since then? What’s their story and their vision? Pickmotion met co-founder Jan Kickinger on a rainy Monday evening. Unfortunately ‘Mo’, Moritz…

Pickmotion’s Picks: European month of photography in Berlin II


The European Month of Photography EMOP stops by in Berlin this October with 130 exhibitions! The Pickmotion team is there for sure – enjoy part II of our #pickmotion_picks. Learning from the very best Ein von ASK HELMUT…

Icecream makes you happy
A summer in Berlin with @_hannesthun


@_hannnesthun proves with this new #storybehind, that you don’t need a lot for your summer cheer 🙂 What’s special about this place? On our sixth anniversary me and my girlfriend discovered this wonderful new ice cream shop around…