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Data privacy statement

This declaration is addressed to all visitors of our website, our customers and our associates. It is relevant for when we receive any person’s data, regardless of whether there is a contract between the said person and our company. This declaration’s purpose is to inform you how we handle data.

1. Accountable entity

The legally accountable entity regarding data issues is the company listed under “Impressum”. You can contact the stated executive or write directly to our security administrator:

Maximilian Conrad
Anwaltskanzlei Conrad
Raabestraße 1
10405 Berlin

A security administrator is not compelled by executive directives. You can also reach them via email: max@conrad.haus.

2. Purpose of data storage

In the case that you commit to a contract with us, a client account including your master data, order data, and, possibly, billing data (“customer data”), will be created in our system. We must file and process this data in order to fulfill contracts.

Your computer transmits your IP address while accessing our website and there is also a chance, depending on your computer’s settings, that cookies (small text files on your hard drive) will be used. These files help us optimize your experience on our website. They give us a kind of short-term history of your browser.

Furthermore, we may file data regarding your browser type and version, operating system, the URL of the last website visited, and the name and time on your computer (“log files”). Particular users cannot be identified by their log files. Usually, we do not actively make connections between your log files and cookies or IP addresses. We reserve the right to belatedly evaluate data in any cases of suspected illicit use. Log files help us analyze our website’s traffic and compatibility with various computers.

3. Relaying data to third parties

We use other companies’ programs and services (“tools”) for data processing. For judicial, technical or economic reasons, we may change the programs used at any time.

The following programs are currently used for administering and supplying data (especially for IP addresses, cookies, and log files). You can find information relating to a tool’s provider via these hyperlinks:


• Google Analytics (Webanalysedienst)
• Airtable (CRM)
• Datev (administration of master data, accounting)
• Easybill (administration of master data, accounting)
• MailChimp (contact data, emails to larger groups)
• Xentral (ERP)
• Instagram (Marketing)
• Facebook (Marketing)

Hubspot (CRM)

We do not relay data to providers or storage locations in countries outside the European Union.

4. Deletion Deadline

We store data until the settling of the order or until the legal retention period has expired. This is mainly in accordance with § 257 HGB, regulating the storage of commercial records.

5. Disclosure

You have the right to demand information regarding your stored data at any time. Corrections will be made as soon as possible if, despite our best efforts to maintain accuracy and contemporaneity, incorrect data is stored.

6. Regulating Authority

If you feel that we are not complying with our information duties, you have the right to complain to any regulating authority (for example any federal state’s security administrator).

7. Voluntariness of data transmission and revocation

You are not obligated to send data and you are able to withdraw from storage or processing agreements at any time in the future.
Rejecting the use of those tools may lead to less effective ways of collaborating or an inability to comply with our contract. If you withdraw from your data-processing agreement, it might become impossible for us to exercise our duties while you are not being freed from your liabilities.

8.Expansion of data processing

You will be notified and given a chance to opt out if we intend to use your data in ways other than those mentioned in this document.

End of document