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Lorenz, Founder & CEO

“People look for simple, beautiful and sustainable things. We try to meet those needs with our postcards.

Favourite card: All you need is less

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David, Head of Sales

Theater-enthusiast who loves cooking and always has a smile on his face.

Favourite postcard: Ahoi Möwe, as a confession to his Hamburg, his place of birth.

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Pickmotion Team

Jana, Head of Accounting

A multitasking-genius and a master of every chaos.

Favourite card: Oh, happy day! reminds her of her own road trips that she took with the VW-bus of her brother.

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Sharon, Head of Online Sales & Business Development

Determination, hands-on mentality and a cordial personality.

Favourite Postcard: stay funky, because a little bit of craziness should not be missing in life.

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Elisabeth, Head of Product & Graphics

Art historian and book lover with a big passion for sustainability, photography, nature and all things vintage.

Favourite Postcard: Kleine Dinge, because sometimes happiness is just pyiamas and a good book.

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Ricarda, Head of  Product & Graphics

Happy mood, positive vibes and beautiful things.

Favourite Postcard: Meer geht immer, because Ricarda loves the sea and would always pick a little vacation at a beach over being nearby to mountains.

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Pickmotion Team

Daniel, Key Account Manager 

With the right dose of positive vibes, charm and a thirst for adventure, he brings our products to the shops of this world.

Favourite card: Wünsch dir was, because it fits him perfectly as it embodies the desire for adventure.

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Pickmotion Team

Caro, Account Management

© Made in Berlin, she’s got a cheer- and helpful nature and can often be found exploring the countryside in her caravan.

Favourite card: A lake and you – despite her credo „movement before mindfulness“.

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John, Business Development Management 

He found his destination with us after some adventurous paths from dizzying heights.

Favourite card: To the moon and back, because for his family he would travel to the moon and back without hesitation.

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Selina, Team Assistent

Optimism, a good pinch of humour, always helpful and a large portion of general knowledge paired with sympathy.

Favourite card: You are turtely awesome, because we think Selina is simply “turtely awesome”.

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Nora-Sophie, Marketing Management

A true power woman, a mother and a real Berliner.

Favourite Card: Be Unique, because Nora says “the world is a more beautiful place with crazy people who dare to do things that are colourful, flashy and loud.”

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Pickmotion Team

Anna, Social Media Management

The native Upper-Austrian enjoys her new life in the „city of unlimited possibilities“.  As much as she loves jogging, she has a big passion for photographing.

Favourite card: Let’s go, because one day, she wants to travel around the world with an own camper-van.

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Joel, Digital Business Intern

A language talent on the way to become a global citizen.

Favourite card: everyone can do normal, because you should enjoy being a bit unusual.

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Kien, Trainee Social Media & Marketing

A digital native, always on the advance to broaden his horizons and develop himself further in order to achieve his goals.

Favourite card: You are turtely awesome, because he likes turtles.

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Luisa, Communication design & photography

Luisa always explores the world around her with open eyes- since you never know at what moment a beautiful motif might show up.

Favourite card: Everything is possible, as it sparkles with imagination and looks very surreal and dreamy to her.

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Marie, Digital Business Intern

Adventurous, spontaneous and always ready to help- these three words Marie’s friends and family like to describe her with.

Favourite card: It’s the little things in life, because you should also appreciate the little things that come in life.

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Karin, Content & Editorial Staff  Intern

She loves to write, think about languages, and do something creative.

Favourite card: Hello Sunshine, because the image put her in a happy mood immediately and made her smile!

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Pickmotion Team

Ulrike, HR

A native Berliner, who loves travelling, exploring and getting to know new people and their stories.

Favourite card: Be happy – which is also her take on life.

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Pickmotion Team

Anne, Team Assistant

Loves to go camping, do manual work, like building furniture and dreams of opening a dog kennel in the future.

Favourite card: Be yourself, since it’s all the crazy colors she feels that express her nature.

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Pickmotion Team

Thomas, Controlling

Calm and resilient excel pro that seeks happines in the small things and loves to spend time with his little daughter.

Favourite card: Already missing you – because simple can be beautiful.

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Pickmotion Team

Marlies, Accounting

It is the little things in life that brighten up her day: sunshine and family trips together with her dogs. She is also a big fan of America.

Favourite card: I love Sundays, because of her addiction to dogs.

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Pickmotion Team

Jessica, Order Management

Always there when something is on fire! – Not only in the volunteer fire department, but also at the Pickmotion office. Jessica absolutely has the skills a rescuer needs.

Favourite card: Save the date, “Wish for something, enjoy the freedom to live a little easier and see where life is leading you”.

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Jenni, Order Management

Besides outdoor activities such as bouldering, snowboarding or inlineskating, she likes playing guitar and concert visits.

Favourite card: Today is your day, which reminds her of her beloved white-bellied hedgehog who sadly died one year ago.

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Pickmotion Team

Nicole, Order Management

Volleyball, jogging, bicycling, she does it all; this year going for the triathlon.

Favourite card: Worry less live more, for the feeling of lightheartedness and serenity – of „coming home.“

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I need summer

Kathrin, Order Management

Kind soul, who collects travel memoirs on her fridge.

Lieblingskarte: I need summer, due to her love for giraffes.

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Pickmotion Team

Marta, Logistics

A multilinguist from Slovakia who enjoys reading just as much as she likes cars.

Favourite card: You can do it, reflecting that inner strength which drives everything.

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Pickmotion Team

Kamila, Logistics

Sports and traveling are two big passions of Kamila, and they become even better if they can be combined.

Favourite card: Smile, it’s your birthday, because it reminds her of her dogs she had to leave with her family in Poland.

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Pickmotion Team

Adi, Graphic Design

Coming from Tel Aviv, she always knew that she wanted to do something with art.

Favourite postcard: Swallows in the sky

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Christin, Graphic Design

Skillful artist, who studies Media Design & IT and lives for those long summer days.

Favourite card: I love sundays – because she does love sundays.

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Jenny, Graphic Design

Creative mind that loves to spend time in nature as well as vegetarian lasagna, tea and a good book.

Favourite card: Einfach abschalten, because a retreat to nature is her source of power.

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Pickmotion Team

Cecile, Scounting & Artist Relations

A balanced artist who loves spirituality and rainbow colours.

Favourite Postcard: Farbrausch – with its lovely colours and nostalgic charm.

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Tina, Graphic Design Intern

She is a cheerful and adventurous spirit, who loves to travel, get to know new things and has a big passion for graphic design!

Favourite postcard: Never give up!, because Tina loves motivational cards which are playful, cheerful and joyful while also spreading some good vibes!

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Pickmotion Team

Eszter, Photographers Contact

She goes to Tanzfabrik in her free time and does volunteering for nonviolence.

Favourite postcard: Tempel Spielplatz, because it gives you the feeling of freedom and space.

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Katrin, Senior Graphic Designer

Katrin loves to let her creative mind run free and to widen and improve her crafting skills.

Favourite postcard: Keep Smiling!, because the dogs wearing masks with painted-on smiles are not just adorable but also show us how important it is to never lose one’s sense of humor.

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