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Trend and Style, Autumn 2019

“The new PICKMOTION Photostrips show photographic stories from selected Instagrammers. Refined by small text elements they are suitable as gift and decoration articles, as well as Bookmarks of the completely special kind.”

Trend and Style, Summer 2019

“The motifs of the Mini Folded Card combine the instant picture style with over 300 lively animal illustrations, floral patterns, colourful sayings and minimalist designs.”

Cutes, June 2019

“Space-savingly presented on the new counter display, the trendy Photostrips become an eye-catcher on the counter.”

pbs report, May 2019

“The Pickmotion Bookmarks combine the design of the instant photography of the 70s with modern images in the style of an instagram feed. They appeal to a broad target group from the bookworm to the photography enthusiast, from the teenager to the grandmother”.

Cutes, April 2019

“With the new Mini Folded Cards from Pickmotion you give Greeting Cards and Table Displays in one and provide lasting memories of beautiful moments.”

pbs report, March 2019

“Unlike large brand companies, we are not interested in the reach of the Instagrammer, but in the content and the image itself. Images that would otherwise have disappeared into digital nirvana are given a small place for eternity by Pickmotion.”

Trend and Style, Spring 2019

“Beautiful Cards and Magnets – over 600 novelties.”


“On Instagram and other portals you can see many pretty motifs, but they are already gone the next day. Many consumers enjoy the feel of paper and use cards to hang them on the wall – and enjoy them longer.”


“The Postcard had long been extended by an elegant Double Card with envelope – now new colours are appearing on stage, they are perfect complements and contrasts to the inserted Postcards. Depending on the motif, light pink, deciduous green, vintage blue or craft paper was chosen – and a rich red for Christmas.”

Lifestyle Scout

“Pickmotion offers at Christmas time, beside the popular Christmas Postcards, also Folded Cards in the new red garb. There is a great variety of motifs and the well-known Pickmotion quality.”

pbsreport, August 2019

“Christmas with Pickmotion”