It’s time again to present you another #awesomeshop. Today we stay in our own city, the lovely Berlin, and show you Zweite Liebe – a shop with a lot of love for details.

At Zweite Liebe you find a lot of creative design and everyday items arranged among beautiful interior. The various assortment surely provides just the right thing for anyone even for people with exceptional taste. From a premium fountain pen or a cute stamp through to children’s books, everything is here. And a fine selection of extraordinary Berlin souvenirs you can find as well.

Why „second love“? Why not the first love? you would ask and Tina from the shop will tell:

“When you fall in love for the second time, you will most probably look a bit closer at the deeper qualities of your crush. We at Zweite Liebe will help you with this problem. You can crazily deeply fall in love with our products and we check the other qualities for you. So the love can last much longer.”


What is the basic concept or your store, what you want to represent?

We are a shop for enthusiasts of stationaries, creative accessories for home and beautiful items to give as a present. We accurately pick our products to be something very special and which you won’t find in every third shop on the street. We put emphasis on fair production and distribute mainly the products from various small design labels.

How do you think you fit to Pickmotion and how did you find us?

Pickmotion is searching for the particular in a motif and at the same time everybody can become an artist. We like this approach, because we as well continuously search for the particular to combine art, design and everyday life. Pickmotion attracted us in that way and we really wanted to have the products in our shop.

What is special about your shop?

We constantly have a changing assortment and we are always searching for new and awesome products – we are not just buying from 3 wholesalers but we choose the products personally and very carefully with love.

What do you like the most about Pickmotion?

Very often I find the motifs very specific and picked with a very fine visual approach. And the nice thing is that they are funny, too.


So, if you’re in Berlin and you search for a second love, well, then this shop is definitely the right address.

Zweite Liebe
Florastraße 59
13187 Berlin