Who are these super engaged people, who founded mobilephotography.de and did a lot of great community work since then? What’s their story and their vision? Pickmotion met co-founder Jan Kickinger on a rainy Monday evening. Unfortunately ‘Mo’, Moritz Möller, could not make it.

The “Factory Girl” in Auguststraße, Berlin Mitte, is a by Andy Warhol and pop culture inspired coffee shop, we sit under Campbells tomato soup tins on a round table. “It has been a revelation for me”, says Jan, when we start talking about Instagram “as direct and immediate.” Many contacts from the beginning are maintained till today – “we simply met on and over our accounts” – it has never happened that Jan liked a gallery and then disliked the person behind the camera. He even met his girlfriend @mariposa_730 on a walk, in Philadelphia, US.

This kind of spontanious enthusiasm encouraged the founders Jan Kickinger (@kickin) and Moritz Möller (@brainyartist), to go online with mobilephotography.de in 2014 – until today it is a platform, that the architect Jan and the art historian Moritz keep alive entirely in their leisure time. It says in the Abouts “Mobile photography and its sharing platforms create totally new possibilities of expression, in the workflow and in communication. With simply the tip of our fingers it is possible to capture the great and small moments and to create a completely new picture language.”


The peak, for Jan, was the biggest Instameet in Europe in 2014 in Berlin. 200 Igers joined thematical walks in the city. mobilephotography.de with its events, while they are more intimate, would like to tie on that tradition. The walks in Neubrandenburg and already four #emptywalks in different museums of Berlin talk for themselves.

A real downer, for Jan, is the new seriousness on Instagram, “the bad-ass business Instagramers” as well as the many changes on the platform itself. Moritz Möller on the mobilephotography-blog for instance currently wrote an article about the manipulation of growth by Igers. Maybe these two guys from mobilephotography & first-hour-igers in Germany are dreamers, but we admire their authentic approach of #communityfirst!

And here is a short list of Jans favourite Igers:
@wheway (EyeEm)