Time flies by at the moment. I just sat in the sun and enjoyed my holidays and when I came back autumn already arrived in Berlin. That’s why this time in the review we have some nostalgic memories of a boat trip, a glimpse of the Paris Fashionweek and of course some impressions of a Galerie visit.

Fashionweek Paris
The Alexander McQueen Show blew me away this year. Just the whole look with the heavy jewelry, the wet hair and the beautiful clothes. All in all a great presentation of the brand.


The Louis Vuitton collection gave me quite a pirate vibe. The embroidered jackets with large blouses underneath made the models look enviable cool.


And last but not least for many people the highlight of the fashionweek: The Chanel show.This time I was manly impressed by the setting showing a waterfall and a lot of plants, not so much by the accessories made out of pure plastic.


Inspired by a sailing trip, I did myself, I looked up some beautiful sailing photographs on Instagram, enjoy!





Last week I visited the “Enter Art Foundation” Exhibition, located in an old house in Kantstraße. 49 artist showed their work and you could not only look at it but even buy some of it.