Sustainability in fashion – Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood left everyone excited and pensive after showing an amazing collection at London fashion week. She is engaged in fighting against climate change for years now and so her motto for the show was: Buy less, choose well, make it last!”

Vivienne’s circus #VWSS18

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“Wait and see for yourself!” #VWSS18 Watch the show live from 2pm, Monday 12th June at

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#nofilter all about body positivity & confidence

There are so many editing apps nowadays you can go really hard with the filters on Instagram. And one day you recognize it does seem all too over edited, too perfect why should I follow someone who denies who he/she really is, just to show off the perfect Instagram stereotype? Below are two off my favorite women showing their true face or at least parts of it by being full of confidence, to give each other confidence in their bodies.

breaking out & beautiful đŸŒč

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The obsession with the #handspinner

Don’t ask me what it is or why you should own something like that…the handspinner trend came so quickly I couldn’t even keep up with. This interpretation down below definitely talks to me though!

What I think about the #handspinner obsession đŸ˜± #francescovullo

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Men’s fashion week

American musician @raury protested at the D&G show after he was chosen to walk the second millennial influencer walk. The Dolce&Gabbana Duo is supporting Melania Trump with clothes as well as to him, their campaign and collection “completely makes a mockery of what ‘boycotting is’.”

Back to analogue photography

Grab some films, take out your old cameras and start to photograph analog again!


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