How fast January passed again! I hope you had a great start into the new year. And what about the new year’s resolutions? Did you keep them? If not, who even cares, isn’t every day a good opportunity to start something new…

Algorithms & Gifs


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Okay here come the bad news at first. Apparently there is a new algorithm on Instagram again! Every one is complaining, calling to turn on the notifications again and I am just asking myself how much more can come that Instagram get away with just like that?

Now, the good news. There is a addition to Instagram stories. They have been everywhere these past months. On Facebook, on WhatsApp and now they finally are on Instagram. The GIF’s!

Loving Vincent

The movie about Vincent van Gogh was produced over five years. The whole movie was shoot with real actors and then over-painted from about a hundred artist. It is a real piece of art that you can marvel at the cinema. For fans of van Gogh and art lovers a must!

Paris Haute Couture Fashionweek

The fashion week shouldn’t be missed out in my review. So here are some of my favorite Haute Couture looks from Paris:

Jerusalem exhibition


Postkort på særudstillingen Jerusalem ist jetzt in Berlin #jüdischesmuseumberlin

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The big theme exhibition at the Jewish museum is about the history, the religions and the culture if Jerusalem. But most of all it is about the every day life and the people living there. It is really worth it going there, but plan enough time to see everything!

11. Dezember 2017 – 30. April 2019 (8 Euro, reduced 3 Euro)
Altbau 1. OG
Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin