The August was a quite calm month on Instagram…if you can even call the social media world calm. I hope it was because of the good weather and the people enjoying it, by going out swimming.

On the 25 of August the love parade “Zug der Liebe” in Berlin happened. What better occasion to go out to the streets, have a social rave and celebrate, for LOVE:

#zugderliebe #socialrave

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On the personal note, I went to Warsaw the first time and let me tell you, this city has some beautiful hidden corners. As 90 percent of the city was destroyed in the second world war, there is an interesting mixture of old rebuilt houses and new architecture from the years afterwards. Especially the district Praga has a really special atmosphere to it:

Vistula Boulevards next to the Copernicus Science Center #DiscoverWarsaw #Warsaw #Warszawa

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facades in Warsaw

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Instagram became my mood board. Luckily the saved function appears a few months ago, so I can really collect the photos that inspire me. What is the main source of inspiration for you? One of my mood boards is for interior architecture:

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who wants to join? Pt. 2 via @ad_magazine

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With the Hashtag #wirsindmehr bands and singers like Caspar, Trettmann and Kraftklub, made a statement. With their free concert in Chemnitz, on the third of September, they react to the current situation and stand against the racist mob. Yesterday evening a demonstration against racism was taking place at Hermannplatz!

Guten Morgen, Wer fährt Montag alles nach Chemnitz? #wirsindmehr

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