April started with the Easter weekend and the first summer feelings. Now, at the end of April, this weekend really felt like summer: long queues at the ice cream shops, crowded parks and happy faces everywhere.

Like every year, the Gallery Weekend in Berlin, took place this weekend. Nearly 50 galleries participated and attracted hundreds of people with special exhibitions and big openings. My personal highlight was the mural painting of Pat Steir at the Thomas Schulte Gallery. The good news is, even this week some of the galleries are still open for the public. Here are some impressions:

Also, these months, with Coachella, the festival season started again in California, USA. This year some critical voices were raised as the founder of the festival was accused to be pro gun and anti LGBT. Even the hashtag #nochella got quite some attention. In the end, what really stuck, was the performance of Beyoncé and her dancers. It was repentantly described as an historic performance.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Beyoncé (@beyonce) am

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