It was two to two when Adi joined the Team, the gender distribution was balanced. Adi always knew that she wanted to workl with art somehow. After her artfinals in painting, sketching, sculpture and photography she first had to do, as every Israeli, the Service at the army. Adi spent two years in Office and had time to think about her future.

Then came Northern Europe. “All the cool Kids went to India after army but I had no interest in drugs, so I decided to move  to Norway, Sweden, Scotland, England.” A good choice for the future design Student because after she returned it was clear for her that graphic design was her Passion and Adi attended an art college in Jerusalem.


She graduated and two years later choose Berlin as her new place to create – and Adi is until now a real Berlin fan “You can be as you like and are accepted. I like crazy People and here I’m in great company.” Furthermore there are many Connections between Tel Aviv and Berlin, the cultureshave similarities  and in Germany Adi came back to her roots: her grandfather lived in Chemnitz. Does the sister of tripletsisters miss Israel? Yes, the tahini from Israel and her mothers art of cooking on friday evenings.

A new catalogue, new Cards and motifs, christmaspost, Magnets and everything coming… Adi gave Pickmotion a new face through her wor and her creative Solutions reach everyone and everything Team related.

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