In the transition period from winter to spring we all get very fidgety – no one wants to wait anymore for some warm time finally so that the sun tickles our noses, the spring flowers come out and that the morning birds singing wake us up with a smile. Since the weather still does not really want to play along, we need some visual input to resonate and relax in order to bypass the waiting time.

cover photo: smile4travel

After the celebrative February, this month we called in for a more relaxed challenge: we wanted you to show us your #thisperfectspot. We are sheer overwhelmed by all the wonderful submissions and it was not an easy choice to make our Top20 selection but here they are:


We actually wanted to leave the winter behind us but nathaliec136 shifted us back to a perfect winter atmosphere with this photograph. She found the absolute fitting spot to make this wonderful, icy shot of Stockholm.


This swan also seems to have enough of winter and decided to fight it. In this incredible photo by seesuechtig it looks like the swan has the spring and blue sky in tow for finally melting the endless appearing ice.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Judith (@in_somnia_) am

The perfect spot at the perfect time in_somnia_ has found for herself, too; namely at night on the beach of Étretat in the Normandy. This picture seems almost surreal by the blurred line between sky and sea without horizon at the time of a misty full moon – just like in a dream.


Located between two continents in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, zita.pirnosova found the perfect spot for hiking with incredible views – the Azores. Evergreen islands with mild temperatures throughout the whole year offer an unbelievably beautiful hiking paradise und relaxation in almost pristine nature.


It seems for a lot of people #thisperfectspot is close to the water, just like for withwildhearts_com who sits at the shore of the Blue Pools in New Zealand and enjoys the view of the crystal blue water. This image is not just representing harmony, no, it also awakens the desire to just jump into the water for taking a summerly refreshment.




foxupnorth directly mesmerised us with a whole series of this place in Denmark. Located at the northern coast of the country it seems harmony and beauty go here together hand in hand; incredible views, comfortable houses amid the dunes and pure relaxation definitely make this a perfect spot. I think I just found in here my next travel destination.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Judith (@in_somnia_) am

A bit more harsh but not less beautiful and perfect is this place in the Spanish Bardenas Reales desert. in_somnia_ brings us back to the element of the earth and found this perfect spot to return back to think about the basic values of existence.


It does not always have to be exotic, far away or on holidays where we find our perfect spots. It simply can be the café around the corner, too, just like for laomapupi. Coffee, ice cream and popcorn with sunshine in a 70s atmosphere – somehow sounds perfect, doesn’t it?!


A comfortable pillow near the window, sunbeams on the nose – also cats have their perfect spot. This royal relaxation and harmony captured by joymcgreek is transferring to me just by watching the image. The life of a cat you should have…


Ein Beitrag geteilt von CAROLIN (@carojacona) am

Home is still the most beautiful place. If you just come from holidays, back from work or elsewhere – by seeing such a simple but yet perfect view within your own four walls, like carojacona, you really can feel true comfort and calmness.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Saila (@sailamiryam) am

Who does not know it – the feeling that the own bed is the best place in the world?! Here dreams are made and it is always comfortable. The bedroom of sailamiryam arouses the desire to snuggle up into the blanket and slumber into the dreams.


Be honest – for whom of you the kitchen is not a perfect spot?! Here, culinary wonders and adventures are made without the need to travel around the world. When friends come to visit, everyone somehow always ends up here and in general – here is the fridge whose content always makes us happy. silviaboettger seems to have a similar opinion.


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elisabethhe shows us that even a backyard can be full of surprises with her look up, which reveals abstract but perfect structures and lines. This photograph encourages us more often to change our perspective and simply to have a look up sometimes.


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Cuba – a country like from another time. Havana – a city full of old-timers and colourful architecture. fraenze_berlin captured this scene and spot in a beautiful way and the whole composition together with those tones of colours is simply perfect.


Not only the cover photo by smile4travel truly is an eye-catcher in terms of perfect street photography, this shot made at the Hamburger Speicherstadt is absolutely well-made. Those who have not been there yet definitely should put it on their to-do list because this place has its very own and special charms.


Wow! – is the well fitting expression for this photograph by themodernleper. #thisperfectspot definitely fits and to be honest, I’m not an early bird but for such an atmospheric view at the harbour of Hamburg even I would always stand up with sunrise. Would you?


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From a foggy sunrise to the beautiful sunset at the beach of Büsum. Isn’t that a perfect view to end a day, relax and also to finish our Top20. Thanks to stefffa_ for this dreamy photo.

Perhaps this selection of #thisperfectspot aroused some new travel desires in you and some inspiration, too.

And be patient, spring is coming.