Finally! Spring is already here for a little while! The sun is shining, the days are getting warmer and everything is green and blooms in bright colours. And of course, the travel fever is part of the emerging spring feelings! You already are eagerly waiting to finally make the next city trip again? Then we have 5 insider tips, which are definitely worth a visit after the current situation and not yet crowded with tourists.

cover photo: piosiczka (Wroclaw)

BRUGES – a journey into the Middle Ages

A trip to Bruges in Belgium, once European trading metropolis in the late Middle Ages, is truly a journey through time. Here you will find a completely preserved medieval and historic cityscape, traversed by many canals. In the background, you can see the 83m high Belfry, built in the 13th century, which until today is not allowed to be surmounted by any new building. The image of _may_be is like a time travel.

The central large market is surrounded by wonderful historic buildings and architecture. Here alone, you could spend hours to admire all the beauties and take pictures. If you want to experience the feeling of exploring the medieval city center by carriage, you will find here your starting point for such a city tour. pervincae did not miss it either.

BERGEN – the city of fjords and mountains

Bergen is located in the southwest of Norway and is a colorful city surrounded by breathtaking nature. Here you will find the Sognefjord, the deepest and longest fjord in the country, and seven mountains that offer beautiful views of the city and countryside. The image of atleihagen shows the famous wooden houses on the old jetty in the district of Bryggen, once a Hansen base.

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You can stroll through the narrow and sometimes mountainous alleyways with the Scandinavian flair. This has its own charm because such narrow streets are otherwise known only from the warm south of Europe. lea2807h gives us an interesting insight into the hitherto undiscovered backyards of the city.

WROCLAW – the capital of historical Silesia

Wroclaw is the fourth largest city in Poland and has a lot to offer both culturally and historically. Different dominions in the history have shaped the city and left their traces in all areas – today, modernity meets history. This image was taken with a drone of pawelbielecki and shared by wroclaw.zdrona shows the famous cathedral and sand island from above.

For those of you who like things historical and colorful, head to the Wroclaw’s Ring, the city’s medieval marketplace, where you’ll find architecture from different eras. julia_mur_ has captured the colorful south-facing frontage here. For this reason alone, Wroclaw is worth a visit.

CLUJ-NAPOCA – a different Transylvania

Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania and a cultural center with universities, a lively nightlife and imposing monuments of the Hungarian and Saxon rule. If one thinks of Transylvania, one usually thinks of the legends around Count Dracula, but the region has much more to offer than the horror stories about the legendary Count. Cluj-Napoca is definitely a city to fall in love with. The National Theater, photographed by cristi_enachi_huntingcities , is at least as impressive from the outside as it is from the inside.

While strolling through the side streets, one often finds many small markets or interesting street vendors with historical books; not only in Romanian but also Hungarian and German literature. vermllllon has photographed such a bookseller while his preparations.

TRIESTE – once the most important trading port in Austria-Hungary

Trieste is a port and city on the Adriatic coast of northern Italy and borders directly with Slovenia. For more than 550 years Trieste belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria-Hungary and since 1918 to Italy. Trieste, located at the intersection of Latin, Slavic, Greek and Jewish culture, where Central Europe meets the Mediterranean, was often referred to as an early New York. The city has a beautiful long coast and is surrounded by many green and wooded areas. The photo of maxdecimomeridio shows Miramare Castle and the view of the Julian Alps.

Likewise, Trieste has much to offer architecturally. Here you will find a medieval old town, but also a classicistic Austrian district. Images like this from giovanniarena_ can be shot in this beautiful city. The symmetry fits and the view leaves nothing to be desired.

These are cities that are not yet completely flooded with tourists and you can enjoy the local charm without much hustle and bustle. Especially those of you who are passionate about history, culture and architecture will get their satisfaction in these places. So pick a city, pack your bags and go!