This time our #thestorybehind is about an extraordinary Supermodel and full memory cards. Meet the talented Photographer @martynaozogphoto!

“This cutie in the photo is my little girl Floey. She’s a two years old Border Colie and my true treasure. It was my biggest wish to have a Border Collie since I was a child. My family was against it – “First school and apprenticeship!” So I did both at the same time. Finally, my parents allowed me a dog. It was the best present ever!

The story behind this photo is funny. It should be deleted in the first place. I wanted to take photos of Floey with flowers because I knew how pretty it would look. After finishing the shoot I wanted to try another idea although my Memory Card was full. In consequence I deleted some flower pictures. Fortunately I kept this one. At home I realized it was actually really good.

Floey is super comfortable in front of the camera. She does things that give a photo the special touch. When I shoot her, I feel a development in my photography. The photos get depth and soul. These days she’s even a bit famous. People recognize her, not only in Poland, but even in Germany or Austria.

She’s more than a dog. She’s my sun ray, she makes me smile everyday. I don’t know what I would do or how my photography would be without her.”