We asked @laomapupi to share with us the impressions behind this lovely penguin card. Here is what she told us.

This photo was taken at her first Instameet with @nordlotsen in the Ozeaneum in Stralsund.

“It was my first Instameet and I was very positively surprised. We got exclusive access before the official opening time so we could explore the Ozeaneum undisturbed and catch a glimpse behind the scenes. The best part was a penguin feeding. It was just super cute and we could hardly stop photographing them. The penguins in the picture acted like three best friends and made everything together: swimming, eating and watching us.

As I took the picture, they were ogling the keeper, who came in with the bucket full of the apparently best fish in the world.

I like the minimalism that it radiates:
Heaven, curious penguins, stones – that’s it.

I am interested in penguins since I was a child. They have a strong social behavior, adopt “orphans” and lead relationships for a lifetime, homosexual relationships as well. We could sometimes follow their example in regard of their serenity. Besides, they are just cute and I could watch them all day long.

Everyone was delighted with the visit and we spent a lot of time on the penguin roof.

Then we walked through the beautiful old town, had very good relaxed dinner and in total a terrific day.”

The card ZG-0522 is part of our new postcard series.