Little change of appearance of #thestorybehind. In the format “#thestorybehind – true or false” you will now always find two different stories for the particular design. And it’s up to you to guess which one is the real #thestorybehind.

Whose mouth doesn’t start to water while looking at this delicious cake? @anablizz told us #thestorybehind this slice of cake. Strangely enough, we recieved two different explanations. What do you think, which one is true?

Version 1
There are different types of being creative and apart from taking photos, baking is my second favorite one. I made this cake for the 11th birthday party of my niece. She is really into girly and pink stuff and so I thought she would be happy if she’d get a pink birthday cake. Actually I had to improvise a bit and was afraid that it wouldn’t turn out good but she really loved it! Nevertheless which kind of being creative I choose – I always love to use my hands as my weapon of choice!

Version 2
This is a fake cake slice, and it was a commissioned work for a window display at a shoe store,here in México. I spent several days working on this project, I even took a workshop for making silicon molds to do it from scratch. It was a really ambitious project but it was super super fun, I love to use my hands as my weapon of choice.

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