This day we going to meet @frankseltmann, a talented photographer from Dresden. He will tell us something about his trip to Iceland with some his photographer-friends. A story about memories and a look into the future:

“We had planned a “men-photo-trip” for a long time, and in 2014 we took off from Berlin to Iceland. We were four amateur photographers  from Dresden and have been friends for a couple of years.

We already had planned a few hot spots for our tour, but in general we wanted to explore the south of iceland more spontaneously guided by weather and motifs. Overall we spent 8 days in Iceland with less sleep and much taking photographs.

The picture was taken on the ring road on the way to the glacier lake Jökulsárlón. I saw the car with the mountains in the background and pushed the release.

Not only on this day, but on each other on Iceland too, I felt euphoric and was enthusiastic about Iceland. For me as a landscape-photographer, it was a very special experience. The constantly changes of the weather and light conditions were particularly exciting. Especially at night, since we were around the mid-summer time, it was never dark. The picture was taken on day 3, still not a bit of fatigue.

Everytime when I look at the photos that were created at this time, wanderlust comes up and I’d like to get back to Iceland. But now we all has become fathers (me for the second time), and so it will not happen so quickly. Maybe in two or three years, then each of my friends gets exactly this card with the invitation to visit Iceland again. The photo is both: memory and a look into the future.

In general I can say that Iceland is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and pretty cool people.  Every Icelander we met was easy on it and helped us willingly. On the streets – unlike in Germany – you are relaxed and there is not a bit of rush. Time seems to stand still when you walk through the rugged landscape of volcanic rocks – just the right place for a break.”


The card ZG-0360 is part of our new Pickmotion series