@chispa24 tells us the story behind this total cutie named Max.

“Max stepped  into our life six years ago. We fell in love with this small and screwy Parson Russell Terrier puppy that ate everything in our house. At that time we lived in a tiny apartment next to the beach in Mallorca island. On the picture you can see the celebration of his birthday and our new home, a bigger house in the same zone.

He has a strong personality and is very independent, what makes him very rare. I think he was a cat in another life. On the other hand he is very clever and learns very fast. One of the things he loves most is posing in front of the camera. When I am grabbing it he comes to see what I am doing. He knows that I always have dog sweets when I take pictures (maybe that’s why he is always coming).

He follows us everywhere. Excursions in the mountains, having coffees and drinks…. He loves the beach, sailing and especially the water but he does not like to swim. He’s a mediterranean dog full of energy. Max drives us crazy but it is the dog that I have most wanted in my life. I can not imagine to live without him.

I love working with white backgrounds and neutral colors on my pictures, which shows mostly minimal compositions. I want to find the beauty in the simplicity of things and situations”

The card ZG-0520 is part of our new Pickmotion series.