These two disco balls sparkle up every grey November day. They make @kellynederlof smile, too, as she told us in #thestorybehind – but which story is right?

Version 1

These two disco balls are reminiscences of her best friends 30th birthday party. They were placed above the dance floor on which both of them danced together throughout the entire night. She marvelled at the light cascades the balls evoked at the party already and decided to recreate these later on – resulting in this lovely and fun shot. As the disco balls hold so precious memories, they are very dear to Kelly and are now placed in her living room.

Version 2

Kelly is a huge disco ball lover and thus, she has these two at home. They never fail to brighten up her day – just like on the day she took this photo. It was a regular afternoon and Kelly was working from home when the sun rays hit the balls through the window and turned the whole room into a sparkling disco. A spontaneous little moment of joy, ready to be captured, that reminded her once again that it’s the small things in life that often bring the most joy.


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