The #storybehind from @lightpoem perfectly goes with the beginning of spring. Let us hope for warm weather and a blooming nature.

“Almost every year, it takes me to this place. The Heerstasse in my hometown Bonn is a highlight in spring and has not been an insider tip for a long time. It is world-famous and you can also notice this when you are there.

Since the cherryblossom-alley was also noted on the list of “places to be before you die”, there are no longer only people from Bonn. People from all over the world would like to see this annual event when an “ordinary” street turns into a pink tunnel.

That day actually was perfect. The weather was a dream and the cherry blossoms were illuminated by the sun and appeared in the most beautiful pink. The contast between the pink blossoms and the blue sky was the icing on the cake.

What can not be seen in the picture is that there were so many people for the same reason. It was so crowded, but anyway it was possible to make the perfect photo for me that day. Without people. Only the cherry blossoms and the beautiful blue sky.

In spite of the crowded street, it is always a highlight for me and I’m looking forward to this pink tunnel every year.”

“blossom alley” ZG-0410 is part of our new postcard edition.