This little cutie was supposed to bring @emwng her acceptance letter from Hogwarts but lost it on its way. Instead, we received to different versions on how the photo was actually taken. Can you guess which one is correct?

Version 1

On vacation in Tokyo last year, I discovered unique themed cafes of all kinds. I enjoyed one of them in particular, in which one could relax in an owl shelter among the animals. In there you can take pictures with different types of owls, feed them and pet them. The owls are all so adorable and amazing to hang out with!

Version 2

For a weekend away with the dogs we went to the San Gabriel Mountains and rented a nice cottage there. The first day we spent with hikes and relaxation. When I went to the shed the next day to get some firewood, this little feathered guy looked at me. Since he was so surprised (and/or sleepy), I had enough time to take a quick photo.

„hoo-hoo“ – ZG-0560 is part of our print edition. This way to find out where you can buy Pickmotion.