A majestic view over the characteristic sandstone rocks of “Sächsische Schweiz” (Saxonian Switzerland) – a photo taken from a ledge which opens a wide view over autumn coloured forest. @tonistadlr on why it is sometimes worth it to be an early bird:

“I took the photo on a cold December morning together with Max (@muenchmax), whom I have met a day before via Instagram. Together we travelled to the rocky area around Dresden in order to shoot the sunrise. We were standing on a bridge called “Basteibrücke”, connecting the tops of two rocks, it was still pitch black when we arrived. Then the sun finally raise, the heavy clouds were opening up and we experienced a wonderful morning worth capturing. The first trippers appeared and are visible on the photo. The image is a nice memory of the first time I met another Iger and of a really magical sunrise in the Saxonian Switzerland.”

Our series #thestorybehind tells the stories behind the printed Pickmotion themes.