Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel like home. Breakfast with our loved ones with home made goods and the smell of coffee in the air. @nma.g has a great story to tell:

“This story behind is a little bit funny. The previous night I had already prepared the dough for the cinnamon rolls that you can see here. I got up very early to secretly sneak into the kitchen and bake the rolls. Soon after I started, the smell spread throughout our home and I opened all windows in order to keep it secret. @andthefuchs said about how our neighbors would have a delicious breakfast. I set the table as quietly as possible and posted the photo on Instagram, tagging @andthefuchs on it… It took only a very few seconds for him to get out of bed to the table.”

Our series #thestorybehind tells the stories behind the printed Pickmotion themes.