In her little interview, Lotte (@lbeerman) makes us desire to go on vacation incredibly much:

In which situation did you take the picture ?
This Picture is created in Nepal, Italy, during my vacation in the last year.

From ‘Castel St. Elmo’ we had a beautiful few over the city: you see the rooftops of the city, the sea, and the volcano vesuv… I was very surprised anyways about how beatiful Neapel is- there was so much to see in the city! And then of course there is the pizza… 🙂

What is special about the picture?
For me it is a great vacation memory- but the way the city goes into the sky it also looks fantastic- thats why I think the text ‘Let’s fly away’ fits the Image very well.

What pops into your head when you look at it?
That it is time for another trip. And that I want to eat pizza.

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