Today’s picture for our #storybehind was taken by @schabernack aka Lars. We had a few questions referring to it and he gave some unique answers:

What’s so special about this place?
The Heiligengeistfeld (“holy ghost field”) is home to the popular Hamburger Dom, neighbour of the Millerntor stadium and the big bunker, in which’s top floor is the “Übel&Gefährlich” location. Everyone will get here at some point.

How and when did you take it?
I always take my pictures in the same way: spontaneous and with my phone. It was in July, right before the soccer game. Behind me was the Fanmeile and the guys collecting empty bottles were preparing for the upcoming rush of people.

What do you think when you look at it?
The abandoned scenery reminded me of endtime movies just as Mad Max, The Book of Eli or the like. There was no zombie walking by though 🙂

“Ghosttown” – HH-0128 is part of our pint edition.