@_hannnesthun proves with this new #storybehind, that you don’t need a lot for your summer cheer 🙂

What’s special about this place?

On our sixth anniversary me and my girlfriend discovered this wonderful new ice cream shop around the corner from the place we live. The ice cream is fabulous!

How and when did you take the photo?

At the beginning of August, when we were on our way to the park with a few friends and we stopped by for an ice cream. It was one of my first images with my new iPhone.

What’s on your mind when you watch it?

I look back on the few days of an amazing summer, that we spent enjoying Berlin. Because of our work as wedding photographers (@misterandmissesdo) there is often not so many free summer evenings.

Icecream makes you happy (ZG-0212) is part of our print edition.