It seems as if we have to say goodbye to summer now. Following that notion, today’s #thestorybehind serves as a little homage to the happy days of summer. We asked the photographer @_hannesthun for a short statement:

“It was coincidence that I captured the yellow bus. We were on our way back to Kapstadt, passing the popular surfer coast close to Muizenberg. The original reason why I stopped was a sign saying ‘Our Beer is colder than your Ex’ that I saw while driving by. Only when I returned to my car it was that I discovered the bus. It perfectly fit my short #somethingyellow phase I had going on in Southafrica at the time. It reminds me of the car from “the A-Team”. In Kapstadt there were so many photogenic cars, most of them Volkswagen. That bus was, at least to me, something special. Luckily the picture has good quality, it wasn’t all that easy taking it with my smartphone and with all the traffic going on.”

“Oh happy day” – ZG-0239 is part of our print edition.