We love @flerish’s shots of travel and nature but this photo of her cat Hobbes caught our attention in particular. Somehow, Hobbes looks just like we all do when it’s our birthday and people are singing for us (did anyone figure out what to do with yourself while they’re singing yet?). Wondering what actually triggered this photo? Read on and take your best guess!

Version 1

This funny moment was captured during @flerish’s birthday party. She had several friends over and, of course, her rescue cat, Hobbes, had to be part of it as well. While he was far too curious to stay away, he was also intimidated by all the strangers and thus, quite jumpy and tense at times. It would soon become a little contest between the party guests of who could get Hobbes to like them instead of just meowing at them.

Version 2

@flerish celebrated the second birthday of her rescue cat Hobbes when this photo was taken. He’s a gentle cat but can be a bit fearful and hence, ended up being terrified of his birthday balloon! However, not being one to ever pass on a presented opportunity for food, all was forgiven when his birthday cake was served.

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