A dog, an inflatable pig, a bow-tie and a lot of pink. What is all that about?

Let’s go to the second round of our reissue of #thestorybehind – True or False.
This time we have two stories about the card ZG-0275 – which probably put a smile on everyone’s lips – and you have to figure out which is the true story behind the picture.

Version 1

While having a walk with my dog in the neighborhood we recognised something going on – a new fashion store and its shopwindow were getting prepared. Driven by our curiosity, of course, we had to take a look and then everything went quite fast. The owner was impressed by the pink bow-tie of my dog and we just loved the pink wall and big pig balloon – perfect for a quickly improvised photo shooting. After a few minutes of having fun taking pictures and some laughter, we kept on with our walk and felt very happy about the unexpected situation.

Version 2

This photo was created to celebrate the birthday of a very famous Instagram pig’s birthday. I love monochromatic photos so pink was an easy decision. There was a shortage of helium at the time I took this photo so the extra large pig balloon was quite expensive to inflate! It was worth it though because my friend loved it!

So get to the keys and let us know which is the true story!

“anything is possible” – ZG-0275 by @ohmydoggies is part of our print edition. And here you can buy Pickmotion.