@liztsarevna gives us an insight into the blooming garden at her parents place and told us something about how to dupe a photo-shrinking cat and how it feels when you’re far away from your family.

“First and foremost my cat is male and his name is Mavrosh, which means “black” in Greek.
Me and my family have chosen this name before we saw this furball for the first time. At that time we all thought that our cat was going to be white. Since we didn’t really like the sounding of “white” in most of the languages that are on Google Translate, we decided to choose the opposite.
As you can see, he turned out to be neither white nor black.

In my hometown I have a little garden with lots of various flowers.
As soon as I started taking photos I tried to use them in a peculiar way: it all began with wreaths of different sizes and forms, I also put them on my flatlays and use in makeup.

But it’s not so easy to take a good shot with both: flowers and pet, especially when it comes to Mavrosh.
He doesn’t like my camera at all and he is really hyperactive!
That’s why I thought it would be better for both of us if I just set everything up and wait till he gets interested in what’s going on. In fact, I used a small trick to make him more interested but we shall keep that off the record.

Photographing pets brings a lot of joy. Pets and flowers? Even more.
The main ingredient of these photos is love and I feel it much stronger now, when we live in different cities. I’m studying at the university in another part of my county right now and my family, including Mavrosh, is far away from me. I really miss them all and always look forward to seeing them.”

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