The Top 20 Berlin Highlights by Pickmotion



Surely you already know that Pickmotion is based in the beautiful German capital city Berlin. Because of that, we certainly know the best spots in the city and would like to present them to you! Here is a little insight into 20 places in Berlin that are worth a visit:


First and foremost, we just have to recommend Weißensee, as this district is not only super chic but also the home of Pickmotion. In Weißensee you can find beautiful old buildings, as well as modern architecture, while a large park invites you to relax and take a time out. Another highlight is the little beach you can find directly at the lake which is perfect for cooling down on hot summer days.

In Berlin you can also discover some pretty backyards. One of our recommendations is the Heckmann-Höfe at Oranienburger Str. 32, where you can spend a few hours surrounded by beautiful rose bushes, a fountain, various creative stores with handicrafts and restaurants.

Heckmann Höfe photographed by Sina Wiltberger @heckmannhoefe

Another popular park in Berlin is the Volkspark in Friedrichshain. In the park, you can find many monuments that remind us of the history of democracy in Germany and offers plenty of space to rest or do some sports, as well as some playgrounds for children and families. For a cozy cup of coffee, beautiful garden cafes in the park are the ideal spot.
In Friedrichshain you can also find the b-ware! Store Cinema, where video store, indie cinema and bar are combined into one. Somewhat crooked and yet charming, the store offers a large selection of cool films – for you to watch at home or simply in the movie theater.

Volkspark in Friedrichshain photographed by @berlin_visitor

For a true market feeling we recommend Markthalle 9 in the trendy Kreuzberg 36 neighborhood. Except for Sundays, the doors are open every day from 12-6 p.m. (Saturdays they even open at 10 a.m.) and offer all kinds of delicious goodies. On Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays you can find a traditional weekly market in the hall. Thursday evenings (from 5-10 p.m.) tend to be especially crowded, as that is the time of “Streetfood Thursday” where plenty of culinary delights are offered. In addition to that, there are sometimes other food events happening too, such as a Candy Market, Cheese Festival or the Berlin Coffee Festival. It’s worth stopping by!

Markthalle 9 photographed by @julien_otte

In a big city like Berlin, flea markets are also not uncommon and there are surely many treasures to find. The Flowmarkt in Neukoelln at the Maybachufer – also known as “Design Flea Market” – offers every second Sunday many stalls with second-hand clothes, vintage, bags, handicrafts, furniture and more. Everyone is sure to find a small or even larger treasure there.

If you need some time to breathe, we recommend a visit to The Greens. A super cute café where – as the name suggests – you are surrounded by lots of plants and can relax comfortably while sipping a delicious cup of coffee! Here you can buy delicious organic & fairtrade coffee, as well as other drinks and snacks. In addition, you can also browse through some plants and if you like, even take some home.

In Berlin-Mitte, The Reed offers a special mix of gastronomy and event location. The club restaurant is known for the delicious brunch on weekends, but also for the bar with digital gallery and its dance floor. You certainly won’t get bored here!

For a little detour into nature, you should stop by the Stadtfarm in the Herzberge Landscape Park. It’s a fun spot to roam through the beds with young kids, to steal the buckets from the heads of the little scarecrows and to marvel at all the flowers. On top of that, there are fresh fruits and vegetables to buy and delicious ice cream to enjoy.

Time for a little break with cool drinks and a good meal? The Hafenküche in Rummelsburg is located directly on the Spree and provides maritime charm. When it gets warm outside, the beer garden opens up and offers delicious grilled food and lots of sunshine and is also the perfect place for a warm summer night.

The Funkhaus in Nalepastrasse can be described as “typical Berlin”. Here you can enjoy a tasty beer right next to the Spree, eat some delicious pizza from the stone oven, watch a ferry pass by and on top of that experience great concerts. You can also visit a guided tour of the original recording studios and recording rooms here.

For everyone who loves to be around nature, we recommend a visit to the Britzer Garten. The green oasis is a wide landscape park with a large lake in the center. The perfect place for a break in the green or sporting activities, while examining the colorful variety of the plants. Especially the tulip blossom at summertime is a dreamlike sight. At times, you can also experience cool events like live concerts or special garden shows.

Flowers in the Britzer Garten photographed by @_byanja_

A true cinematic highlight can be experienced at the Delphi Filmpalast. The building was built in 1927-28 and used to host outstanding dance orchestras. After the Second World War, the building was rebuilt, and restored furthermore a few years ago. Now it offers numerous movies in a true retro ambience.

For more urban excursions, we recommend the Sprengelkiez, which is located in the district of Wedding. The neighborhood is named after the street Sprengelstraße, which is full of bars, cafes and restaurants. Not far away from that you can find the restaurant Chibee – a cool spot to try delicious Korean Chicken and Beer.
When you’re in Sprengelkiez, you are not far away from some beautiful nature scenery. It’s a great spot for talking a nice long walk and a picnic along the north shore. If you want to jump into some cool water, the Plötzensee is nearby – it is one of the most central Berlin bathing lakes where you still get the feeling of being somewhere completely else. A little further behind the Plötzensee is also the Volkspark Rehberge where you can watch a movie under the open sky in the open-air cinema.

Rehberge photographed by @philip_stuhpid

If you want to see Berlin from below, you should visit one of the tours by Berlin Unterwelten. The non-profit association offers tours through mysterious tunnels and bunkers that have been forgotten for many years. In addition to exhibits, there are also eyewitness accounts and modern projection techniques to discover, bringing the underground stories back to life.

A very special insider tip from Pickmotion is the so-called Teufelsberg! A former listening station has been transformed into one of the largest street art galleries in the world and is also a very special event location. Visitors can take part in a guided tour to learn more about the history and see Berlin from a completely different perspective on the roof terrace of the tower building.

Teufelsberg photographed by

Hopefully, we could show you one or two cool spots in Berlin you haven’t seen yet! Take a look for yourself and send your friends and family some greetings from the region with our Pickmotion cards! You can find them in our online shop or in a store nearby.

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