The 6 coolest Spots in Bremen



In our category #awalkthrough we will take you to a city that is definitely worth a visit! In the next few months, we want to present some hometowns of the PICKMOTION team, so you can get some local insights. For our next journey, we discover Bremen: The northern Hanseatic city in Germany is not only home to the Bremen musicians, but also to Sharon! She told us about her six favorite spots in Bremen, which we will share with you now!

Spot #1: The Sielwall Kreuzung is filled with cool bars, cozy restaurants and pure life. It’s the perfect place to sit down, relax and enjoy a cool Haake Beck Edel Hell or enjoy the sun on the corner. Additionally, this spot is perfect for meeting friends or to explore the city and simply watch the people around you a little bit.

photographed by @jonas_doom

Spot #2 At the Schauburg cinema you can find a small but nice bar with a great view over the main street at the Steintor. Anytime of the day, it’s the ideal place to have a delicious cup of coffee while reading some newspaper. Of course, it is also perfect to watch a good movie at the end of your day.

photographed by @schauburg_bremen

Spot #3 The Papp Bar is located directly on the Wilhelm-Kaisen Bridge between downtown and Neustadt. It’s a great location for delicious coffee, lovingly mixed cocktails and a tasty snack with a cool atmosphere in the middle of life. By the way, the outdoor area is also happy to provide space for electronic dance events or live bands after sunset.

@papp.barcafe photographed by @j_p_wes

Spot #4 Überseestadt is a new district that has emerged from the port. A perfect place for urban, industrial walks and photo tours between harbor warehouse lofts and real container landscapes. You definitely don’t see a place like this in every city!

photographed by @empunktem

Spot #5 The Schnoor is the old town of Bremen filled with many, small old Bremen houses in the brightest colors, which were placed next to each other like pearls on a string. That’s where the name of the district comes from because Schnoor is Low German for “string”! The narrow streets give the neighborhood a homey atmosphere. Be sure to look for the chimes on the hour! You can also discover Germany’s smallest hotel, a cat café and a 365-day Christmas store.

photographed by @empunktem

Spot #6 Café Sand is located on the city beach, which can also be reached by ferry. Perfect for a day trip or to play an hour of volleyball in the sand. Of course, you can also enjoy a delicious ice cream in the café.

photographed by @sebastianhuss

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