It was an extraordinary day when @in_somnia_ shot the dream of summeradventures. But read it in her words:

“This photo I made in Tibidabo Amusement Park located in the Tibidabo mountain range, belonging to the Collserola mountain range. It stands out for its privileged location as a viewpoint of Barcelona and incredible views. They call it the magic mountain, and it really is. It is the oldest park in Spain and one of the oldest in the world.

I remember the day of the photo as if it were yesterday, this time I went with my boyfriend and I did a lot of photos, both of the park and the beautiful surroundings.

 I have always felt a special fixation for the amusement parks and I love the ferris wheel and its photogeny, that is why at the time of photographing it wanted to be the protagonist of the photo and that in the background let the subtle view of the city.

The Tibidabo is a place that transports me to my childhood and makes me feel very free and happy to come from time to time, to think, take photos or just enjoy the views.”

“Summer is coming” ZG-0382-EN is loved part of our “Summer and Sun” Collection.