Ruhr Valley – associated with steel, coal, beer and football. But you’re miles out – there is much more than just that. Design, Lifestyle and Trends can be found also here. A very special oasis of the modern, creative lifestyle is our #awesomeshop of this month – “Unterhaltung Lieblingsstücke”.

What is the basic concept or your store, what you want to represent?

Our philosophy is simple: “Nothing is precluded!”, which means that we are a holistically orientated shop which serves all areas of everyday life and is open for everything. We are always on the prowl for the newest trends and even try to set trends by ourselves here in Dortmund. Hence to feel this attitude towards life, we integrated a café into our shop.



How do you think you fit to Pickmotion and how did you find us?

We always keep our eyes and ears open; so it was inevitable to cross path with Pickmotion. And exactly because Pickmotion is so surprisingly brisk and outstanding, just like ourselves here in Dortmund, we really wanted to have you in our assortment. The creative implementation of modern photography in a special retro design is very close to our concept of nostalgia, modernism and lifestyle, thus it is just natural that we fit together.


What is special about your shop? How do you combine art and culture?

The particular about us is that we not just try to combine art and culture – no – we live art and culture in our shop on daily basis. You can see and feel that on the wide range of products but especially our café offers the best possibilities to experience and enjoy many of the products we sell. Often we are even ahead of our time – e.g. we already had maté based soft drinks in our assortment while they were totally unknown in the rest of the Ruhr area and we have been pioneer in our region for the current trend of small indoor plants. So it might also not seem unusual that sometimes we have football readings – because the passion for regional football teams can not be denied.


What do you like the most about Pickmotion?

The appeal that Pickmotion evokes childhood memories of the old Polaroid photographs and that this, combined with wonderful and modern photographs, is perfectly put into a new effect.

Thus, next time you are in Dortmund you absolutely should not miss the chance to visit this shop, because definitely everybody will find something in here fitting his or her taste; or you just relax at the Café and leave all your cares behind.

Website of Unterhaltung Lieblingsstücke

Schillingstraße 27a
44139 Dortmund

Ackerstraße 161
40233 Düsseldorf

Opening Hours
Mo-Fr 10-19 
Sa 10-16